What to do…..What to Do….

Let me set the scene:   You are on a 8 hr road trip.  You have gotten through 7 hrs of the trip with little incident.  You are within an hr from your destination and you are soooo ready to get out of the car.  Suddenly, traffic builds and your forward progress grinds to a halt. On any other day, traffic would be easy to handle, but on this trip, this close to the end, it makes you want to gnaw at the dash and scream incoherently at the surrounding motorists.  That is the exact feeling that we are currently experiencing as we sit here waiting for hurricane season to end and our house to be sold.

Soluna is sitting on the hard in Florida, ready to go in the water.  We are sitting in Texas, watching the clock.  Tick, Tock…Tick, Tock…

Having your house for sale and living in it with 2 energy-filled children is a daunting experience in itself.  Our days have become a series of moments caught in between updates on showings and preparing for open houses.  We had two showings in one day, 5 hours apart.  We had to prep the house, mow the yard, and leave first thing in the morning.  We then came home to eat lunch and relax, with just enough time for the kids to throw clothes and toys everywhere.  We then had to clean and prep again, and find something to do in the evening just to get out of the house.

We can never fully relax because at any time we will have to clean and leave with less than an hr notice.  We have “staged” the house for sale, so a majority of our things have been packed or sold.  Everything that the kids like to play with is going to the boat and, therefore, already in storage.  Empty house = bored kids = frazzled parents.

In order to keep from losing our increasingly fragile minds, we have decided to limit our time at the house.  We decided to travel a week at a time to visit friends and family, returning to the house for mowing, laundry, LEGOs, etc…  Dallas, Austin, Corpus, Arkansas, and/or Colorado are all on the list as possible destinations.  This schedule is going to be tough, but it seems to be easier to handle than day after day in what we feel is an empty house.

I addition to travel therapy, I have been:

  1. binge watching all of the cruising YouTube channels I could find. This makes me excited to get on the water, but it also makes the waiting that much more painful.  See the adventures of SAILING LA VAGABONDE, SV DELOS, SAILING DOODLES, GONE WITH THE WYNNS, as well as reading the Facebook and Instagram posts from SV TOTEM, SV ORION, SV MIMZY, as well as SAILING NANDJI is giving me a bigger desire to get out there than ever before.
  2. On Amazon.com for dangerously long periods of time. I have theoretically worked out every system on the boat and the “necessary” repairs/upgrades for the future.  I have laid out the system for the watermaker no less than 12 times. I have unboxed and re-boxed the solar charging system sitting in our hall closet no less than 7 times.  My “Save for Later” list on Amazon is frightening.  I am calling it a coping mechanism to get through all the waiting, but if I bought everything on the list, we would have an extremely well-appointed boat and no money to cruise with.
  3. Plotting every possible waypoints on the IPad from Florida to literally anywhere and everywhere on the globe.
  4. Supporting our local businesses….namely the liquor store. Seriously, they may rename the Rum isle in my honor.  (J/K…..sort of)

So….what to do…what to do.  Apparently, nothing to do but wait, wait, and wait some more.  The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing for the next two months. So far the season has been very kind, and we hope that trend continues (for us, Soluna, and all of our friends on the East coast and throughout the Caribbean).

I know that we will get our house sold and our main hurdle before moving to the boat will be completed.  This next step will be a doosey, but I think we are all looking forward to it.  Once the house is sold, we will be couch surfing for a couple of months.  I want to thank our friends and family (in advance) for answering my upcoming phone calls, possible requesting asylum.  You may not know who you are yet, but I thank you.

I hope this will serve as good training for our boys, if they somehow follow in my post-college footsteps.  I spent two years “couch” surfing… from traveling in Australia, to working on boats in the Caribbean, to an actual couch and then inhabiting a “nook” in Southern California.

Overall, I know that the whole family is eagerly awaiting the move to the boat.  That is why this waiting period is so draining for us all.  We have a new toy and we can’t wait to play with it!  I like to think the Soluna is as eager for us as we are for her!!



4 thoughts on “What to do…..What to Do….”

  1. Enjoyed reading this and getting a real feeling of your situation, but also saddened that your journey has become so complicated and plans are delayed.
    I’ve loved being neighbors and admire your adventurous spirit.
    I pray that you’ll soon have a resolution!

    1. Marsha:

      Thank you for your thoughts. It has not been too tough, but just hard to wait. We are super excited for this next step in our lives. We will miss you and our other neighbors, as well as this entire neighborhood. It has been awesome and it hurts to leave.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you guys this past weekend in Pensacola. Love the boat, the kids are A+ and love yall since of adventure and attitudes. Hope you get to enjoy Sailboat Cove and Ft Mcree!

    Here’s our little YouTube channel we started. Nothing to fancy!

    Fair winds,
    Shane, Renee, William, and Hayden Wallace
    the crew of S/V Blew By You

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