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Hi, I’m Trampus. It was my idea to get this thing started, and I was lucky enough to have Rachel buy into it.  I guess our weirdness compliments each other.  I have lived around the ocean for most of my life and have always dreamed of living on a boat and sailing as far as I can. My years building, breaking and subsequently fixing stuff should come in handy as we go through the endeavor.  I am not planning any ambitious goal, like circumnavigation, I just really want some time with my family, and possibly learn to play the ukulele.  That and a few sundowners will do my mind right!!


Ride-a-long Rachel here….ready for the adventure of a lifetime! I’m stoked to set sail on our new boat Soluna, along with our family and two dogs. I will 100% cry big happy alligator tears as the kids and I sing “Away Away” from Moana on the bow of the boat with the wind blowing in our faces and the sea spraying us through the trampolines, our Captain T at the helm. I’m a tad bit nervous of course, but I know The Wells Family Team can figure it out together! We truly love being together and learning new things and we love everything about the ocean! We are so grateful to our friends and family who have supported our dream from the beginning. We will keep ya’ll updated on our journey! Love you all!


Hi, I’m Tripp.  I am 9 years old and can’t wait to go surfing, and to swim with sea animals, even sharks (sometimes).  I am excited to spend many days at the beach, and to explore islands, looking for treasure.  I can’t wait to meet new friends and have fun exploring new places.  I am looking forward to playing games with my family, and I bet I will be able to scare my brother by acting like a sea monster!

I really want to learn to spear fish, but my parents say I have to eat what I shoot.  I’m not too sure about that, but we will see…  I’m not too I will like fish, unless in stick form.


Hello there, I’m Carrick.  I am 6 years old and I love to eat, (nom-nom-nom) !  I can not wait to find a lot of trees to climb and act like Tarzan.  I am becoming a really good swimmer, and love to snorkel (without an actual snorkel) with all kinds of fish.  I love my big brother and can’t wait to have all kinds of adventures with him.  Oh yea, I really, really love my dogs.  They are the best!


Wait, what are we doing?  Are you serious?  What’s wrong with you people? I don’t want to do that unless i can bring my beds….I can, oh ok, I’m cool with that.  I don’t know about this whole boat thing, but as long as i have a soft place to nap and some table scraps, I think I will be ok.  I can’t wait to hang out on some good beaches, and run for a few seconds before flopping down for a nice sandy nap.  Have I mentioned that I like naps?

BREWSTER 2001 – 2018

Brewster was one of the most amazing dogs that have ever graced us with his presence.  He left us far to early at the age of 17.  We loved ever second with this special boy, and we miss him dearly.  Now he holds a special place on SOLUNA…..in the galley, next to Rachel, wearing an oragami pirate hat and numerous necklaces……I think he would approve!  We love you BB!

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